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When it comes to your home’s appeal, freshly cleaned windows are a huge add-up. They increase the overall aesthetics of your house. However, maintaining clean windows is not an easy task but rather a tedious one. We understand that you like the look of clean windows yet do not want to spend hours cleaning with ineffective methods. We have gathered a list of tips and tricks to get your window cleaning done like the professionals.

1- A hot summer day is not the right day:

Firstly, the right time to do the job is a cloudy day instead of a hot blazing sunny day, hence plan accordingly. When the sun is shining, not only it will be hard for you to clean, but any cleaning product will already dry upright before it could dissolve dirt.

Wiping and cleaning on a cloudy day will be convenient and help you to achieve a bright or dazzling shine. If the similar is done on a hot day the sun will dry out the window cleaner fast and cause streaks to appear on the window glass

2- Cleaning products and tools:

Before the day of cleaning, prepare all the materials you would need to make your windows look great. The first thing you need is a good window cleaner. You must invest in a quality cleaner. If you go for a low-quality and cheap cleaner, you will end up with ugly marks and streaks. Cheap or unreliable cleaners do not dissolve the dirt. A spray bottle cleaner is a great choice but if you cannot get one, put the cleaner in a spray bottle and spray it generously on your windows.

Now comes the tool for scrubbing. You don’t need to scrub very hard because it can cause scratches on the glass. It is advised to use a squeegee instead of a scrub. Using the squeegee with water and window cleaner will dissolve the build, and you can easily wipe it off.

Also, make sure to use a different one for the inside of your home and the outside of it. It will prevent the transfer of pollutants from outside into your house. You may use a microfiber cloth if a squeegee is not available.

Now to wipe it all down you will need a wiper. Small window wipers are easily available in the market, and they are easy to use. While finishing, if you live in a rainy area, a rain-repellent spray can help you to avoid frequent window cleaning. Rain repellant sprays will cause rainwater to roll off windows, and leave a few stains.

3- Clean the insides first:

Let’s start with cleaning now, start with cleaning the blinds from dust first. Clean every single slat is hard and hideous work, use the tongs coupled with a microfiber cloth to quickly clean your blinds, and they will look brand new again. Then comes the window frame before you move to clean the window glass. You must sweep the dust off the frame and use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. Usually, grime is hiding and if you use window cleaner first it will combine with the liquid. This will form a disgusting sludge that will trickle onto the glass. You can use a toothbrush and sprinkle some baking soda and vinegar. Now scrub the tracks and wipe away the residue with a wet cloth.

4- Avoid the wooden frames during window cleaning:

Chemicals and formulas in glass and window cleaners can cause damage to windows because of the framed wood around them. If the woodwork becomes wet, it will secrete substances that will not only leave ugly marks on the glass but may also cause permanent damage. In order to prevent surfaces such damage by drips of the woodwork, you should avoid spraying too much cleaner at once.iques.

5- Paper towels and Mop:

Paper towels are not the right choice for window cleaning paper towels are soft and easily breakable, leaving lint behind. Professionals use microfiber cloths for window cleaning as they tend to grab dirt and dust. A money-saving tip is to use old t-shirts because they will work. It is also environmentally friendly. Unlike microfiber cloths, old t-shirts do not leave behind any lint residue. Now for the exterior, you should use a sponge mop on a pole using soapy water to clean. Now use a hose to remove any remaining moisture, with a hose, and use a dry mop with an adjustable pole to remove all the water spots from drying on the glass leaving stains.

6- For sparking and spotless windows:

A simple trick for sparkling and spotless windows. The biggest turn-off while cleaning the outside windows is the fact that the next rainstorm is going to leave a big mess again. You need to not worry and combine a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol 70% concentration with two cups of water and a half cup of white or cider vinegar. Then just wipe the grime off. Clean and easy! You can also use hot water for washing off the windows. It will help clean it off easier especially if your windows are grimy. You can also use a soft brush to get rid of the grime.

7- Let a professional window cleaning service in Karachi help you:

In case the above-mentioned tips and tricks do not appeal to you, getting some help from professional window cleaning services will be your best bet. You can avail of window cleaning services if you live in Karachi or nearby areas, many places offer window cleaning services at comfortable prices.

Do not let window cleaning become a daunting and tiring chore by following these tips and tricks. You can sit back and enjoy professional window cleaning services if you don’t want to put your hands in the dirt and grime. Make window cleaning in Karachi easier and schedule a cleaning service.

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