Outsourcing cleaning services has a significant impact on a variety of areas. And for that, manpower is needed for any and every type of cleaning task. Firstly and most importantly manpower outsourcing for cleaning saves costs as more is done in less time by professional facility management companies, as the company procures the pricing on supplies and equipment. Not only this, there is a noticeable reduction in costs for recruiting, hiring, training, and managing employees.

When you hire manpower outsourcing services, you have the peace of mind that your work will be done by professionals, and you don’t have to run after every worker or technician to get things to completion. Swift Facility Management services have been operating in Karachi since 2003 and provide services to a large customer pool. Swiftcare’s happy clients have nothing but positive things to say about it. We ensure to provide manpower outsourcing in maximum domains and have stretched our services accordingly.



We have a deputed and trained staff for all the upholstery cleaning, be it a sofa, chair, carpet or curtain cleaning. Our professional workers are trained to provide above-the-par services for upholstery cleaning, with all the right equipment and a professional approach.

Deep Cleaning Services:

Be it your home, office, or factory, Swiftcare has got you covered for all the manpower outsourcing needed for deep-cleaning services.

Facade Cleaning:

We have trained professionals for the cleaning of your facade, who follow all the precautions while cleaning and ensure all the SOPs.

HR & Payroll:

If your office needs to update your data or maintenance of your HR and Payrolls related work, we have a team of experts who have relevant backgrounds and experience.

The above-mentioned are few among many services, for which we provide manpower outsourcing.

Our professionals have all the experience in their domains and give their best to produce maximum results. Swiftcare does complete background checks of the manpower with their expertise in the field. We have a large pool of corporate clients who trust us with their facility and assets, and we, as a manpower outsourcing company, have proved to be trustworthy.

Swiftcare operates in Karachi and has produced noticeable results, which our clients have been satisfied with. We’ve done background checks strongly in the provided services with the right equipment and experience of our manpower. And with this, our onsite technical staff is always a call away for the guidance and queries that a customer or even a worker needs. Swiftcare believes in modern solutions to modern problems, and keeping this at the forefront, we keep upgrading the working formats with all the equipment to get the best results for clients. The Training of our staff keeps upgrading accordingly to avoid creating any gap that later creates hurdles in the working process.

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