Housekeeping is a key concept which needs to be managed properly to ensure a hygienic and productive work environment. Multiple studies have shown that a clean working environment benefits the organization in many ways. The biggest benefit is that productivity increases and the number of sick leaves are reduced relatively.

Janitorial staff outsourcing services from Swift Care will give you the freedom from the hassle of arranging the staff and equipment. We have a team of professionals who not only know their work best but also have the required equipment. We have been a pioneer of this industry since 2003 and specialize in the following:


Deputed Manpower and Supervision:

We offer deputed manpower and professional supervision on our services, and our quality control team keeps a check on all the SOPs that needs to be followed strictly.

Upholstery Cleaning:

This includes sofa cleaning services, chair, carpet cleaning services, curtains etc.

Deep Cleaning Services:

Our team is deputed at the location for a defined time period and is removed upon completion of job.

Facade Cleaning:

Swift provides manpower which is skilled in cleaning high-rise facade, and ensures all safety precautions are taken and work is executed in a safe manner.
Modern time needs modern solutions and so we have specialized experience in providing cleaning mechanized solutions in the form of janitorial services. Please find our list of available equipment below:

Floor Washing and Scrubbing Machine

Walk behind Scrubber

Pressure washer machine

Rug Doctor

Wet & Dry Vacuum

Ride on Scrubber Dryer
Our quality assurance team trains and guides the designated staff ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. If our onsite team requires any guidance or technical suggestion, our senior team members are only a call away. Talk to our team for the required services of your home or workplace.

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