The first impression that people notice or see about your property is your gate and then it is your garden. No matter how your office or home looks from the inside, if your garden or front elevation is messy or not maintained, it will be a big turn off. Giving your garden a nice trim and maintaining it with beautiful plants helps to enhance the overall look of the place.

These days, it gets difficult to look after the garden and then there comes a need to outsource the gardening services. At SwiftCare Facility Management, we have a team of professionals for garden and landscaping services and provide complete solutions.

Beautification of the workplace is a concept that many organizations strongly believe in. To make the job easier swift has 02 models in place to make your garden and landscape as per your requirements.

Visiting staff

To keep the garden well maintained, we arrange dedicated staff on a scheduled basis for the maintenance and this helps not only in managing the time but also the cost. This is very effective for the offices for the smaller space and our gardener visits as per fixed schedule to maintain your area.

Deputed staff

We arrange garden maintenance services and solutions on a permanent basis as well. Our gardener will be permanently placed at your location along with his helpers, if required. The cost of equipment, material and manpower is inbuilt into our quotation ensuring the entire aspect of the job is completely outsourced to us.

Also, we have a quality control team that guides and trains our deputed staff to ensure that quality is not compromised. If any guidance is required by the team, our seniors are just a call away to assist the on-site staff. Contact us now to outsource the maintenance of your garden and landscape!

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