Swift Facility Management deals in the repair and maintenance of complex and interlinked generator systems that are essential for the day-to-day running of any organization, and also in power outbreaks where it helps to keep up with the work.

Preventive Maintenance

A malfunctioning or a broken generator can lead to complete or partial shutdowns or long delays. It can immobilize the business operations in a matter of seconds if there is a major failure of your main power.

A generator should be maintained regularly to make sure it is in best working order in an unexpected power outbreak. It helps to avoid costly consequences if it does not perform well.

Our generator preventive maintenance service is to maintain the unit on a periodic basis, through a fixed schedule. This extends the life of the asset, and simultaneously reduces the cost in the long-term.


With Reference to Generator maintenance we cater complaints on the following:


Breaker Change

Worst Cabling Changing

Generator Charging Power

Deputed Staff:

We also provide a complete manpower outsourcing solution with reference to Generator maintenance. The responsibility of managing the technicians, tool kits, material requirements, and government obligations are taken by us. We develop schedules for generator preventive maintenance which our head-office ensures through weekly reconciliation reports from the deputed staff on site. Furthermore, our quality control team visits monthly to guide and train the deputed staff ensuring quality is not compromised. If any assistance is required, our senior engineers are only a call away to assist the on-site staff. Contact us today to outsource the maintenance of your Generator maintenance!

Lastly, Swift Facility Management highly values feedback from the customers and employees to keep striving towards betterment. Long term customer relationships are greatly valued in our organization.

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