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Fumigation is a process of getting rid of all sorts of pests by sealing the house and filling it with a poisonous chemical to eliminate the infestation. The duration of fumigation can vary on the size of the place and the severity of the infestation.

So, it can take from 24 hours to an entire week. During this time the people or pets must stay out of the place since these chemicals can be harmful. Hence, it is best to stay out of the place and keep the place airy for a few days after the fumigation to ensure no lingering chemicals in the air.

Cockroaches are most commonly found as pests in homes and apartments. They are found in places where food is prepared or where there is a lack of sanitation.

They contaminate food, kitchen utensil, and other household items while leaving an unpleasant odor. They move freely spreading filth to food and transferring pathogenic microbes which can cause food poisoning and other diseases.

It is also embarrassing to have cockroaches at your home. Some people develop allergies due to cockroaches when a place is severely infested with cockroaches which can lead to life-threatening bronchial inflammation (asthma). Hence, cockroach fumigation is essential to have for a clean and healthy place.

Homeowners wonder how often should cockroach fumigation be done. Preventative maintenance is an essential element whether you are trying to prevent re-infestation or looking to avoid a problem happening in the first place. How often cockroach fumigation should be done depends on a variety of factors; like the location of your home, sanitation and your home construction, etc.

How often do you need cockroach fumigation?

The answer depends on the pest control method you’re using for cockroaches. Are you going to an expert for your fumigation or are you using the over-the-counter product and spraying it yourself? A DIY approach might be a cheaper option but not the one giving you the best results. So you might have to spray a lot of times and still miss spots where cockroaches are hiding, while an expert will give you better results.

Cockroaches tend to hide in dark, warm places. They need water sources to thrive, so having any leak taps that are dripping like underneath your kitchen sink or bathroom cabinets can lead to the habitation of cockroaches. Getting your home fumigated, and fixing leak water sources can help you eliminate cockroaches.
The fumigation process used for killing cockroaches has chemicals and gas that are so potent that you have to stay out of your home and not return until 24 hours have passed.

The strength of these chemical enables them to reach everywhere, killing cockroaches as well as their eggs. Fumigators know the hidden places where cockroaches lay eggs, and it is vital to kill the eggs as well to prevent re-infestation.

Generally, fumigation for the treatment of cockroaches or other pests like spiders and bugs will last for a few months in addition to repeating it after every 3 months.

But cockroaches are very tenacious, to make sure your home is cockroach free you need to keep it well-cleaned and sealed to prevent them from returning, and as soon as you spot any roaches after a month or two, immediately get a pest control service to treat the area before it spreads to a larger area. You also have to ensure that your surrounding area is not contributing to the pest problem and creating a breeding ground for cockroaches.


Cockroach fumigation through professional pest control in ensuring roaches elimination can help you save money and time in the long run before they setter comfortably in your house making your home an unsanitary place to stay.

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