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Why should I outsource Facility Management services?

When it comes to outsourcing facility management services, there are tons of benefits one can receive by outsourcing it.

  • Outsourcing facility management services allow you to focus on your core duties without permitting any factor to sabotage your chief concerned activities.
  • Reduce the time and effort required from client’s end.
  • Helps in fixing a budget that lasts up to a year and also allows the client to operate within a fixed amount.
  • The uncertainty factor is reduced to a minimum as full responsibility of managing employees EOBI, SESSI and to looking into insurance is obtained by the Facility management service provider.
  • Provide clients with a comfortable timeline and fixed a date to make payments. This in return, makes the cash flow easier.

We have a team of individuals that have expertise in facility management services and are skillful to conduct work as per customers’ demand and satisfaction.

What is our survey process?

At Swift Facility Management, the goal is to build a transparent and reliable relationship. And to avoid any confusion, we have a simple yet defined process for our clients:

Step 1: Contact Us:
For contacts, you can either fill the survey form or communicate with us via landline or e-mail.

Step 2: Fixing Survey Date:
Once you reach out to us, we will then get in touch with you to fix a survey date as per your convenience.

Step 3: Drafting Initial Quotations:
Later, the survey will be conducted by our operations team. Which will then draft initial quotations customized to meet the customer’s needs.

Step 4: Connecting Client to Sales Team:
Once the initial quotation is drafted, our sales team will communicate with the client for further dialogue.

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