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Dengue fever can be a fatal disease that is caused and transmitted by a particular mosquito species, the female Aedes aegypti mosquito. It is highly infectious, the symptoms of this disease are a high fever, headaches, severe muscle, and joint pain, and pain in your eyes and even in the entire body. It is important to know that these mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus are said to be more prevalent during the day than the night. Hence, the chance of being bitten by it is higher during the day than the night.

There is no specific medicine that can treat the dengue virus rather the treatment relies on providing relief for the symptoms. And there are no vaccines either to prevent the dengue virus. Due to these reasons, it is important to adopt measures to avoid dengue fever than to cure it.

1-Do not let water stagnate anywhere

One of the root causes of dengue is that dengue mosquito breeds near clean standing water. Avoiding standing water in your neighborhood eliminates the breeding ground for these mosquitoes. When there are no mosquitoes there will be no disease. Empty the flower pots, clean and change the water for your pets, and refrain from any water plants in households. Make sure to empty out any standing water whether inside or outside the home.

2- Repellents for Dengue Prevention and Control

The most efficient way to prevent mosquito bites is to use mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes are sneaky little creatures, and they can always make their way inside your home. So, applying repellent creams either when indoors or outdoors is necessary to repel mosquitoes for dengue prevention and control.

3- Wearing Protective Clothing

During the season when the dengue virus is at its peak, wear clothes that fully cover your body. Especially while going out, wear full sleeves top and pants, so there are no exposed areas that can be bitten by mosquitoes. The lesser your skin is exposed, the higher your chance of preventing mosquito bites and be on the right path for dengue prevention and control.

4- Keep your Windows and Doors fully sealed

To avoid mosquitoes entering your homes, you need to ensure that your house is fully sealed, and no mosquito can make its way inside. There should be no holes or gaps from which a mosquito can enter inside.

Windows should be sealed and covered with a net. Mosquitoes responsible for spreading this disease are most active between dawn to dusk. Hence, keeping your windows and doors shut during this specific time can reduce the chance of having any dengue mosquitoes inside and helps in prevention and control.

5- Keep your House Airy and Well-Lit

Mosquitos are commonly found in dark and damp places. They hide behind dark corners such as behind curtains, under the bed, sink, or wardrobe. Having dark corners at home means there mostly will be mosquitoes. Also, it’s necessary to hire for mosquito fumigation in Karachi since the issue has become prolonged, and no matter how much you try, the mosquito problem at your house may not be under your control at all times.

6- Boost your Immunity

Diseases like covid and dengue have shown us the importance of our health and the necessity of having strong immunity to protect us from deadly diseases. Therefore, eating healthy and taking care of yourself is an essential part of dengue precautions.

Thus, to prevent dengue and ensure your health safety, a well-balanced lifestyle with a nutritious diet with fruits and vegetables and daily exercise can help us achieve a stronger immune system. This will keep you from getting infected or severely sick due to the virus and help you in dengue prevention and control.


With the fast spread of the dengue virus and the many fatalities caused due to it, one should take strong and strict actions to protect themselves and their loved ones from falling into the trap of this highly infectious virus.

Since there has been no vaccine yet developed for dengue nor any specific medicine to treat the disease, the best one can do is prevent it. For this, you can contact Swiftcare Fumigation Services for the best Dengue Control Services in Karachi. The preventive tips that are mentioned above can be easily practiced by anyone to safeguard against the virus.

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