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Gardening and landscaping help you to enhance and beautify outdoor spaces. These spaces may be your backyard, lawns, public or private parks, golf courses, and building complexes. Both techniques have many things in common but are not interchangeable terms. This article aims to help you understand the differences between Gardening and Landscaping.

The art to organize the plants and structures in a way that beautifies and enriches your outdoor space. Ultimately adding aesthetics to your outdoors. They create harmony between all elements such as pavements, decks, flora, and fauna in harmony. Gardening deals with growing plants which may involve tending your attention to one plant or growing an entire garden.

Whereas gardening and landscaping both involve designing, planning and maintaining your outdoor space, gardening usually focuses only on the plants in that space. The landscaping will cover all of it, the design, arrangement, and structures in the area that has your plants.

As aforementioned that landscaping involves the design, planning, and maintenance, but gardening usually involves only the plants. The landscape designers and gardeners can sketch a design together for a garden, they can make a list of plants, then only the gardeners will plant, weed, cultivate, replace, and harvest the plants.

This means a garden can be part of your landscape, but the overall landscape is more than just the plants that are grown. Hence, gardening is a more specific job. Only the type of space can tell you whether you need landscaping or gardening is required.

Here is a list of differences between landscaping and gardening:

What is the purpose of both?

The purpose behind landscaping is to increase the value of the property and to curb appeal. Landscaping creates a functional space to appeal to socializing. It is often considered to enhance image and prestige. Gardening is done for food security and to reduce carbon footprints. It adds up an appeal to your surroundings, a touch of nature in your indoors or balconies. People who are environment friendly go for gardening to give back to nature and for health reasons. Some families tend to have this as a hobby, to bond with family and friends. Gardening gives you satisfaction with being able to eat fruits and vegetables from your own garden.

What do gardening and landscaping focus on:

Despite the common notion that these two are similar, the specifications and areas of focus are quite different. Landscaping focuses on aesthetics, it is more concerned with the design and planning of the outdoor space. It can help you choose what plants to grow on your front lawn and where to lay the flowerbeds, what kind of gazebo in the park might do the job, and where to place the grill, sunbeds, and lawn chairs in your backyard.

Gardening on the other hand is solely concerned with the health and well-being of your plants. Garden maintenance services can tend to your plants better because gardening is just more than watering the plants. Gardener service can choose the plants you can grow because every plant requires a specific type of environment. They can get fertilizers and pest controls for your plants and maintain their well-being by regular weeding.

Gardening and Landscaping services entail

Landscaping involves outdoor spaces such as front and backyards, gardens, resorts, parks, driveways, patios, walls, and similar buildings. These spaces require design and planning and development. The landscaping designers cover retaining walls, walkways, planters, and water features. Installation of green roofs and green walls for beauty, water absorption, and energy conservation also comes into landscaping professionals’ scope.

Gardening deals with growing and caring for plants in pots or soil. It involves growing various types of plants, such as shrubs, flowers, and trees. Including growing ornamental plants in gardens, to improve their overall appearance. Some wish to have kitchen gardens and grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Gardening can be done outdoors in yards, or in pots on the balconies. Some people have rooftop gardens.

Who provides gardening and landscaping services?

The Landscaping services arrange for you professionals and landscape architects who are committed to transforming your space into a fabulous scene. Whether you favor contemporary, moderate, bungalow, or customary style scenes, the landscaping services will make a moving piece of workmanship that supplements your character and property.

Professional gardeners might have a degree in horticulture or botany. Other experienced gardeners may complete a master gardener program. Many gardening services provide gardeners equipped with plant physiology, soil ecology, climates, water drainage systems, and pest infestation and control techniques.

What equipment is required?

Landscape design requires specialized equipment. They can be specialized vehicles, equipment trailers, lawn mowers, edgers, sprayers, spreaders, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, hand tools, and safety tools.

Gardening does not require very fancy machinery and can work with simple tools. Ranging from garden gloves, rakes, pruning shears, weeder, garden scissors, and watering can.

It is evident that both gardening and landscaping are different spheres of working and therefore require specific equipment to work.

What are the techniques involved?

In landscaping, techniques involve the best use of cobbles, pebbles, stepping stones, benches, fountains, gazebos, fencing, etc.

Gardening techniques are plant-specific such as preparing, pruning, trailing, weeding, mowing, etc. are used in tending plants.


Landscaped spaces require little to no maintenance throughout the year. Once a design is made and space is worked, it will not require regular maintenance except for reorganizing and renovation purposes.

Gardening on the other hand is a constant maintenance-related job. It is an ongoing activity as plants require tending and specialized care, not only throughout the year but within each week.

To put all differences briefly, gardening is the activity of tending and cultivating a garden. Landscaping is the process of making a garden or an area of land more attractive by changing its existing designs, planting trees and shrubs, and adding decorative elements. Therefore, gardening mainly involves growing plants while landscaping involves growing plants, as well as changing structures. Thus, this is the main difference between gardening and landscaping.

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