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practices for facility maintenance management

Whether you’re a new facility management and maintenance employee or an experienced professional, you should know that this field requires continuous development and learning. In order to make this process work, you need to be part of an organization that’s technologically advanced and efficiently streamlined to take care of all your operations. For this reason, we’ve shared 10 best practices to make your facility maintenance management more fast-paced.

1. Predictive Analytics and IoT

This feature can help facility managers a ton of money and time they would otherwise be spending on unexpected breakdowns and repairs. It also helps to create a better experience for customers because the last thing you need is for a client to witness your equipment malfunctioning, resulting in negative brand perception.

2. Set and Manage Team Structure

It’s important as a facility management and maintenance firm to ensure there’s a standard set for day-to-day operations and all team members are in collaboration to make it work smoothly. This includes assigning daily tasks, managing a single communications channel, and having every department be in contact with each other so that every activity is streamlined properly without delay or mismanagement.

3. Data-Informed Decision Making

Instead of making generalized predictions, in the world of technology where data can be analyzed about everything from equipment to budgeting, it’s recommended for facility managers to make decisions based on the data reports they have access to. This process will guide you better into how you can make better decisions that will lead to the brand’s success.

4. Budget Management

As you invest in data-informed decisions, it will become easier to plan your overall budget, eliminate waste, and reduce overruns. This will eventually lower your operational costs and make your business more streamlined.

5. Technological Investments

The facility management industry is becoming more and more technologically advanced and streamlined, and as such, it’s your duty to ensure your organization also has access to the right tools to efficiently manage all business operations making your brand more automated, smart, and transparent.

6. Leverage Analytics

As a facility management organization, you must have access to different kinds of data to make analyses out of. This allows you to draw better insights in order to improve performance. There are 4 basic types of analysis that can help you in this process i.e. descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive.

7. Mobile Integrations

Society, alongside being increasingly technological is also becoming increasingly mobile-friendly. This allows businesses to streamline all their operations on the go without any inconvenience. When it comes to facility maintenance and management, mobile integrations can help you multi-task, streamline communications and be in touch with team members spread across multiple locations easily and smoothly.

8. Check-In/Check-Out Reports

It’s important as a facility management firm to track when your vendors are arriving and leaving your facility to ensure all the processes are fast-paced and without inconvenience. Check-in and check-out reports of vendors and clients allow you to analyze which process of their arrival takes the most time so that you can improve future visits for them and for your own employees.

9. Handling Timely Fixes

You will need to efficiently deal with unexpected failures or anticipated events and that too quickly so that you can cut down on operational costs, maintain your budget, and provide customers with a positive experience at the same time.

10. Establish an Inventory for Assets

It’s important to establish an inventory of assets and integrate management software in order to have detailed reports on which assets are being used in which locations to make the right decisions regarding replacements and repairs of malfunctioning tools. Without the use of such software, you might delay or invest money in the wrong place that will end up costing you in the long run.

Although this field is continuously changing and developing its best practices, it’s always recommended to stay up-to-date with all the new inventions in the facility management industry so that you can competitively remain part of the game without any delays in your operations.

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